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Write for Ambassador Labs

Share your knowledge with thousands of cloud native developers

We want to empower developers everywhere to code, ship, and run apps for Kubernetes faster and easier than ever. We do this by providing Kubernetes tools to support developers and by sharing knowledge through educational, hands-on & opinionated content. But we can’t accomplish our mission alone – we need your help!

By creating content with us, you will be helping thousands of cloud native developers excel in their jobs while also improving your writing skills. Want to join us? 👇

Here's how the process works:

1. Apply

Submit this form to indicate interest in participating in our guest author program. We will review your application and contact you to discuss the next steps.

2. Write

You will be expected to write the first draft of your article (up to 1,500 words) on Dropbox paper and submit it to us. The material must be original i.e. you can’t simply take an article you’ve already published and send it to us.

3. Collaborate

Get professional editing and feedback from our editorial team. You’d be expected to implement the editor’s feedback before we publish your article.

4. Publish

Your article will be published on our blog and publicized on our social channels.

5. Get Paid

Once your article has been published, you will be paid $300.

What can you write about?


We expect these tutorials to help readers understand how to use existing or new open source cloud native technologies.


Do you have a strong opinion on something in the cloud native industry and the research to back it up? Pitch it to us; we’d love to publish it on our blog.

Ultimate Guides

Longer articles that deeply explain a subject (tool, language, framework). This type of content serves as a reference point that people will come back to from time to time.

Case Studies

If you or your company learned something insightful from a particular open source cloud native technology that you think would benefit others in our industry, pitch this to us.

Perks and what to expect


Sharing knowledge is incredible. But you know what’s even more incredible? Getting paid while sharing knowledge 😉 As a guest author, you will be offered up to $300 per article.

Build or improve your brand

Interested in building or improving your personal brand? Joining the Ambassador Guest Writing program will be of great benefit. Our blog is viewed by thousands of developers, your articles will be shared on our socials and other platforms where developers hang out (Reddit, Hacker News, etc.). You can also add “Guest Author, Ambassador Labs” to your LinkedIn profile as well.

Expert guidance

Your writing skills will improve! You’ll get hands-on guidance and feedback from our experienced authors, engineers & editors to make your article engaging & impactful for any developer that reads it.

Ability to republish articles on your blog

We don’t mind if you republish the articles you write for us on your personal blog (with a canonical link back to Ambassador Labs). But you have to do it one month after it’s been published on our blog.

Who can write for us?

We’re looking for developers with demonstrated experience in the topics we publish. You must have written before and are comfortable with receiving feedback on your writing.

Please note: Once your article is published, we reserve the right to optimize your article for SEO purposes.

If you would like clarifications on any of the information above or just want to chat with us about this program, you can join our Slack channel and send us a message.