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Boost your application development and deployment with the ultimate cloud-native toolkit - Telepresence and Edge Stack

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Ambassador Labs builds best-in-class Kubernetes-native productivity tools - Telepresence and Edge Stack - to help you safely design, build, test, deploy, and maintain your applications with speed, frequency, and simplicity.

Edge Stack

Edge Stack API gateway secures your cluster and routes requests to the right services.


Telepresence simplifies development by putting your laptop in the cluster.

Edge Stack

Edge Stack API Gateway is your full-service solution for Kubernetes ingress that makes it easy for the platform and developer teams to run their services.

Simplify Kubernetes ingress management

Edge Stack API Gateway helps teams manage hosts and certificates, as well as secure their Kubernetes cluster. It includes features like a built-in WAF, rate-limiting, OAuth2, and SSO. No more manual setups or backlogs.

With Edge Stack, developers can handle their routes and deploy settings with their apps. Simplify your Kubernetes operations with Edge Stack API Gateway.

Empower developers with self-service routing

Control your app's traffic with Edge Stack API Gateway. Start with your basic app and add routes as needed. You don't have to wait for platform teams to handle traffic.

Fine-tune settings like load balancing, timeouts, retries, and more for the best performance. Skip the long ticketing steps and easily manage your routes.



Telepresence gives you back the edge of the immediate feedback and collaboration you get with local development.

Get faster development and seamless testing

Say goodbye to resource-intensive local setups that slow down your development process and repeated code changes. Easily set up a fast local environment on your laptop with connects, including hot reloading, debuggers, and all your top coding tools.

Streamline microservice communication and collaborative development

Telepresence connects you easily to your microservices and big test databases within your Kubernetes cluster.

Use global intercepts to check and validate app traffic in the cluster.

Working with teammates on various tasks? Telepresence can route requests to each person's laptop using personal intercepts, letting everyone work together smoothly.


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