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Edge Stack - Enhanced API Gateway Authentication

Edge Stack is a Kubernetes-native API gateway and ingress controller that makes securing microservices easy with a comprehensive set of security functionality, including automatic TLS, authentication, rate limiting, WAF integration, and fine-grained access control.

What is API Gateway authentication?

A Kubernetes API gateway is an intermediary layer within a Kubernetes environment that manages communication between clients and microservices. It offers a single entry point for external client requests, directing them to the appropriate microservice.

With attackers constantly probing a system’s network and looking for a way in, setting up robust security measures is more important than ever, and since an API gateway is often the first part of the system to receive an API request, making it the first line of defense against attacks is essential. Beyond routing, an API gateway provides security through authentication and authorization, amongst others.

API gateway authentication is one of the significant features of an API gateway. It secures your application against unauthorized access, data breaches, hacks, and mistakes.

Security Features of the Edge Stack API Gateway

Secure Your Microservices with the Edge Stack API Gateway

Do you want to improve the security of your microservices? Then, you should utilize the Edge Stack API gateway. Edge Stack makes securing microservices easy by providing multiple authentication functionalities, including automatic TLS, comprehensive authentication options (OAuth2, OIDC, JWT, Single Sign On, and more), rate limiting, IP allow/deny listing, WAF integration, and fine-grained access control.

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