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Edge Stack’s Seamless Integration With Your Tech Stack

Explore the Complete List of Integrations for Edge Stack API Gateway

Edge Stack, the Kubernetes-native solution for API Gateway, stands as a versatile tool for the modern cloud ecosystem. Designed to seamlessly knit together a vast variety of tools and platforms, Edge Stack ensures that businesses can confidently deploy, monitor, and optimize their applications. From observability standards to service meshes, progressive deployment tools to GitOps, our solution bridges the gap, creating an integrated experience for developers.

Edge Stack API Gateway Integrations


A popular monitoring solution, Prometheus can scrape metrics from Edge Stack, allowing users to monitor the health and performance of their ingress and services and set up alerts for any anomalies.

New Relic

New Relic, the performance management solution, integrates with Edge Stack API Gateway to offer in-depth application monitoring. By combining NewRelic’s analytics with Edge Stack's ingress capabilities, users can get comprehensive insights into their application stack.


A cloud-scale monitoring service, DataDog's integration with Edge Stack API Gateway provides real-time metrics, traces, and logs to help teams monitor and optimize their infrastructure and application performance.


A comprehensive observability framework for cloud-native software, OpenTelemetry integrates with Edge Stack to provide detailed traces, metrics, and logs. This ensures seamless monitoring and debugging of traffic patterns and behaviors.


Specialized in distributed tracing, Jaeger offers a deep dive into transactions. When integrated with Edge Stack, it helps users visualize the flow of requests throughout their systems, improving understanding and diagnosis of issues


Another powerful distributed tracing system, Zipkin’s integration with Edge Stack provides visibility into service behavior, aiding in identifying performance bottlenecks and operational issues.


As a cloud-native log management and analytics service, SumoLogic can ingest logs from Edge Stack, allowing users to analyze their application's operational patterns and troubleshoot issues.


Splunk offers operational intelligence by analyzing big data. When integrated with Edge Stack API Gateway, it can process vast amounts of event data to provide actionable insights.


Known for its beautiful metric visualizations, Grafana can pull metrics from Edge Stack, allowing users to create dashboards that offer clear insights into service performance.


A GitOps tool for Kubernetes, Flux's integration with Edge Stack aids in continuously delivering features and updates safely and efficiently, ensuring that configurations are declarative and version-controlled.


Lightweight and security-focused, Linkerd's service mesh capabilities can be enhanced when integrated with Edge Stack, offering advanced routing, load balancing, and observability features.


A multi-cloud service networking platform, Consul’s integration with Edge Stack API gateway can streamline service discovery and configuration, ensuring resilient and optimized service-to-service communication.


A continuous delivery platform, Harness can integrate with Edge Stack to automate the deployment processes, ensuring reliable and efficient releases.


A key player in the CI/CD arena, Jenkins, when paired with Edge Stack, can streamline the development pipeline, ensuring that code is consistently built, tested, and deployed to Kubernetes.


Deployed at the edge of your Kubernetes network, Edge Stack orchestrates traditional edge functions, while Istio brings application-level observability and routing to your microservices.

Simplify and secure your Kubernetes application development with Edge Stack API Gateway

Explore the power and flexibility of Edge Stack API Gateway, built specifically for Kubernetes ecosystems. Whether you want to enhance your monitoring capabilities with Prometheus, delve deeper into application insights with New Relic, optimize performance metrics with DataDog, gain comprehensive observability with OpenTelemetry, or elevate transaction tracing with Jaeger, Edge Stack is purpose-built to support your Kubernetes environment. Every integration empowers your Kubernetes infrastructure, offering a seamless, efficient, and scalable solution tailored to your needs.

Gain visibility, insights, and control over your Kubernetes application environment, ensuring you are always ahead in delivering exceptional user experiences. Dive into a world where enhanced performance, security, and scalability are guaranteed for your Kubernetes ecosystem. With Edge Stack Kubernetes-native API Gateway, you’re not just integrating cutting-edge technologies but weaving a tapestry of seamless connectivity, unrivaled performance, and unwavering security within your Kubernetes cluster.

Experience Edge Stack’s seamless integration with your tech stack.