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Edge Stack Free 30-day Trial

The API Gateway by Kubernetes Developers, For Kubernetes Developers.

Empower Your Kubernetes with Edge Stack. Experience the ultimate API Gateway for Kubernetes.

Why Edge Stack?

Edge Stack is a simple, secure, and scalable API Gateway designed for Kubernetes-native ecosystems. It's the go-to choice for efficiently managing API traffic in Kubernetes. With Edge Stack, you can streamline API traffic management and improve security with advanced features that optimize your microservices architecture.

During your free trial, discover how you can:

  • Secure and manage microservices traffic with ease
  • Leverage advanced rate limiting and authentication
  • Integrate seamlessly with Kubernetes workflow and popular Devops tools
  • Improve deployment speed and reliability

What is included in your Edge Stack free trial?

Free Trial



Rate Limiting

Automatic HTTPS

Network Security with cert-manager integration, TLS and mTLS, and CORS


Service Mesh Integration

Service Catalog


Open API Support

Circuit Breakers, Automatic Retries, & Timeouts

L4/L7 Load Balancing & Routing for HTTPs, WebSockets, TCP, gRPC

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